Grab your buckets, it’s strawberry time in Beaufort

dempsey farms strawberries
dempsey farms strawberries
Photo ESPB/Colleen Jaeger

Spring in Beaufort. It’s just plain perfect. Yes we have the pollen. Yes we have the no see-ums. But, we also have soft shell crab season, the turning of the spartina grass from a brown to green and flocks and flocks of beautiful birds enjoying nesting areas all over the region. And, we also have strawberries. Fresh. Local. Dempsey Farms Strawberries.

Now we’re talking.

There’s nothing like jumping in the car with the kids and heading down the scenic Sea Island Parkway on St. Helena Island until you see the familiar bright red & white sign on the right side of the road.

‘U-Pick Berries’, it says. And, boy, is it fun.

A trip to Dempsey Farms U-Pick is a rite of spring passage for any Beaufort child, of any age. Grabbing a bucket and walking out into the large fields in search of the perfect berry. Not knowing what you’ll find but knowing that the best and biggest, juiciest one is out there. Somewhere.

Now’s your chance!

A trip to Dempsey Farms U-Pick is a rite of spring passage for any Beaufort child. Photos by ESPB/Colleen Jaeger

The farm stand is a very hospitable one with Dave always smiling, a Dempsey family trait, and as the season goes on the berries will go away and the okra, eggplant, beans, melons and dozens of other straight-from-the-soil fruits and veggies will take center stage. Dempsey’s prices are good, the fields offer an abundance of local goodness, and the atmosphere is as Lowcountry as you will find.

Visit Dempsey Farms to pick your own strawberries. And you’ll see, as the season goes on, you’ll find even more good stuff at the farm.  Stay in touch with what’s going on at the farm on its website at

dempsey farms strawberriesBeaufort loves it’s local farms, it’s farmers, and industry, and support for local producers is at an all-time modern-day high. Shopping for produce locally is one of the only ways to create a relationship with your food and farmers, making the connection between your body and the foods freshest from the earth.

We have a great relationship with local strawberries.

dempsey farms strawberries
Visit The Chocolate Tree and you’ll find those same fresh Dempsey Farms strawberries encased in homemade Chocolate Tree chocolate. Photo by ESPB


Spring in Beaufort. There’s nothing like it.  It’s perfect, too.




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