Finding a comfortable worship choice or church when you relocate can be rewarding. No matter what your spiritual preference, Beaufort offers a number of options for those of all faiths. Beaufort also offers many nondenominational places of worship, as well as a large selection of faith-based community organizations.

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Beaufort Baptist Churches

Beaufort Catholic Churches

Beaufort Episcopal Churches

Beaufort Lutheran Churches

Beaufort Methodist Churches

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More Beaufort Churches

Authentic Christianity Transforms Society
Beaufort Church of God
– Community Bible Church
Decibel Church
– King Street Church of Christ
– Seaside Vineyard Fellowship

Churches are a very important part of Beaufort’s history. The Commons House of Assembly, under the Lords Proprietors of Carolina, established The Parish Church of St. Helena in 1712 as a colonial parish of the Church of England. The church was built in 1724 and is one of the oldest active churches in all of North America.  Read all about its historical significance here


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