Fripp Island named Best Beach Community in south

Fripp Island named Best Beach Community in south

Fripp Island named Best Beach Community in southOne way or another, Beaufort always shines and it’s done it yet again as Fripp Island has been named Best Beach Community by Real Estate Scorecard, a website that scores over 370 communities in the South.

It’s announcement states,” The more uncrowded the beach, the better. For the lucky few, the Sea Islands of South Carolina are the perfect place to enjoy the best golf and beach resorts.”

“After visiting many South Carolina beach communities this year, Real Estate Scorecard’s conclusion is that it’s hard to find a more beautiful private island in the Lowcountry than Fripp. Completely surrounded by salt water, the southernmost Sea Island is tucked secretly between Hunting Island and Pritchards Island. Development of the 3,000 acre island began back in the mid 1960’s when a narrow bridge was built connecting the island to Beaufort South Carolina. The one lane bridge still remains today. Getting around the 6 mile square island is quite fun because Fripp Island is golf cart friendly. The island is also a popular place to safely bike ride on miles of trails in and around the beachfront homes.”

“With tides fluctuating as much as 8 feet every day in the Lowcountry, the footprint of the Fripp Island beaches look different all the time. Shallow wading pools, sand bars and sand dunes provide fun natural playgrounds along the 3 miles of private beach, ” the statement said.

Fripp Island named Best Beach Community in south
Some of the best sunrises on the east coast can be seen at Fripp Island Beach. Photo ESPB/Christina Bland

It also added, “we are confident one will never forget seeing the first hot pink sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean during a morning beach walk, or a burnt orange sunset on the harbor side. There are so many places on Fripp Island to witness these priceless moments.”

So true.

We know firsthand that Fripp is very friendly and has lots of fun activities for its many full time and part time residents. The Fripp Island Turtle Patrol invites community members on its morning walks from May through October, and there are always fun events going on out on the island through all four seasons of each year.

Real Estate Scorecard provides in-depth research and candid insight into the overall happiness and satisfaction of over 370 master planned communities in the South. Each year, they honor the ‘best’ with a Bliss Award in fifteen categories.  See the full announcement here.

Congrats to the folks at Fripp Island. We’re sure there are lots of very proud residents smiling behind the wheel of their golf carts today.

And, rightfully so. It’s a special place.




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