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Business is Booming in Beaufort SC



Without question living in Beaufort is a tremendous gift. The quaint small town lifestyle is a welcome change to the stressful and hectic city life many have fled from. Beaufort has become a magnet for the baby boomer population as they enter retirement. But what if you didn’t have to wait until retirement to enjoy this lifestyle?  What if there was another way? Many individuals and businesses owners are doing just that….they are finding their way to Beaufort by relocating their business or starting a new one.


Regardless of your business focus there are many strategic advantages to having a business in Beaufort. From the traditional industry perspective, South Carolina is a low cost state with quality labor. Non-traditional businesses that can “be anywhere” are flooding to coasts as owners desire a less stressful environment and lower taxes.


So, don’t wait until the market turns for your 401k, make the move to Beaufort today and bring your business too. Or come on in and start a new one and enjoy something special in your retirement. 


-Kim Statler, S.C. Department of Commerce, Regional Workforce Advisor


Take a look at the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Start-Up Guide.  It’s a very helpful business process road map designed to assist entrepreneurs starting a business in the City of Beaufort in saving time and getting their doors open by providing all of the information they need in one document.


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Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Start-Up Guide



Beaufort has all the right things in place to create successful business opportunities.



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