Beaufort on list of 15 amazing places to go for a warm Christmas

beaufort Christmas
beaufort christmas
Beaufort’s Christmas tree in downtown at Freedom Park. Photo by James Boatright

Popular website has put Beaufort on the list of 15 Amazing Places You Should go for a Warm Christmas. 

Ya don’t say.

Beaufort’s weather is rather delightful year round and it’s a fantastic place to be at any time, but Lifehack seems to think that Christmas is the perfect time to visit, ranking us at #2 just behind Savannah and ahead of powerhouse destinations including Orlando, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Charleston and even Honolulu.

“If you love the holidays but hate the cold, why not trade in your heavy coat and wool mittens this year and celebrate a warm Christmas,” the website said while introducing its list.

“Beaufort is a small town with a huge heart and is located in heart of the Lowcountry. It is close to Savannah and Charleston, and a short drive to the beaches of Hilton Head Island. It’s location is great for visiting the larger cities and enjoying the sights and sounds of a small town southern Christmas,”

That’s what they said about our little coastal hamlet when it introduced Beaufort as the #2 spot. The website also noted that ”December temperatures average in the low 60s.”

That’s important, and why many folks have adopted the Beaufort area as their permanent, year round home. Beaufortonians prefer their footprints in sand instead of in snow.

Rounding out the top ten on the list are:
3.   Orlando, Florida
4.   SanFrancisco, California
5.   San Antonio, Texas
6.   New Orleans, Louisiana
7.    Santa Monica, California
8.   Honolulu, Hawaii
9.   Delray Beach, Florida
10. San Diego, California

This is yet another nod for our beautiful Beaufort by the sea. Beaufort gets a lot of love. Not just from locals and visitors alike, but from the rest of the country as well. She’s been named the Best Small Town in the South earlier in the spring by Southern Living and then was named The Town to Visit in SC by U.S. News and World Report just a few months ago. A few years back, Beaufort voted ‘America’s Happiest Seaside Town’ in Coastal Living magazine poll. And, there have been lots more in between.

Several of our local businesses are also noticed around the country. We have a top 10 drive in movie theater, a top 100 outdoor restaurant, an inn added to the prestigious Southern Living Hotel Collection and another named top 10 bed & breakfast.  We’re also home to the best beach community and one of the most charming streets in the south.

We’ll happily take this one too.  Thanks Lifehack!

Check out the article and the full list here.

Visit here to see some amazing photos of Beaufort at Christmastime.


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